Trump's regard for Putin was strange. Trump seemed to see himself and Putin-- and perhaps the other authoritarians around the word-- as potentate chess players with the world as their chess board.

Whereas, any president in his correct, American mind would see himself as representing the best that democracy has to offer, as Roosevelt did.

But Donald is no FDR. He's more like a clown in a presidential suit.

The dealmaker wanted to make deals with Putin, Kim, Xi, etc, as if he were wheeling and dealing power on his reality-tv-show. . . similar to how hitler and stalin were trying to manipulate each other with their pact, until all hell broke loose.

Our most important objective as Americans is to keep him out of the White House!

Carey Rowland

Author and Publisher of 4 novels and 900 blogs, 40-year husband and father, Christian, radical centrist

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