To be, or not to be, that is the question:

to be a law-abiding citizen of our USA,

or a rebel at the Capitol insurrection?

to be constructively active in our American way,

or to wreck our Capitol on a trumped-up suggestion?

To do, by riot, what ought not to be done?

No! let them do the right thing and repair our Union!

To assault our Capitol in another riotous run?

No! but by orderly governance cast out the confusion!

So on August 18 the trumpers didn’t come

for another riotous Capitol run.


Glass half-Full

The story I wrote about genetic engineering and buried treasure in New Orleans is found in Glass Chimera, which I published in 2008.

In the novel, Robby Davis is student of microbiology at Theseus University in the year 2000, four years after Dolly the sheep had been cloned in Scotland. Under the tutelage of Dr. William Theseus, Robby is studying DNA, and the nucleotides of which its double-helix strand is composed.

Robby has also recently developed a fascination with a certain young lady, Rosa. On one particular evening, Robby and Rosa are strolling along on the levee in New Orleans…

Well this explains a lot. Thanks, Grant, for the concise history lesson posted on Medium.

Keep up the good work. We hope to see more of these informative summaries.

An Attack of Volcanic proportions Erupted through New York City skyline

The two-jet Assault inflicted a Crash of Earthquake proportions, which collapsed the World Trade Center into a heap of smoking rubble: the deadliest 911 emergency in American history, on the morning of September 11, 2001, a day that lives in infamy.


More than 3000 dead.

But our dreadfully mournful sound goes back much further in time.

We had more than 2400 dead at the Pearl Harbor attack 60 years earlier, December 7, 1941, a remembered date that has persisted in infamy. …

Zora, excuse me for dropping in, but as a Christian I must say Amen to what you have presented here.

For a more accurate depiction of what Christianity is all about, read Matthew 5, 6 and 7.

Stalinist Russia’s oppressive control of eastern Europe lasted for about forty-five years. The Czech and Slavak dissent that ultimately succeeded in driving the Soviets out of their region was a long, clandestine groundswell of popular discontent.

After the peaceful Velvet Revolution of 1989, a prime motivator and spokesman in that freedom movement, Vaclav Havel, was elected President of the first post-communist Republic of Czechoslavakia, A few years later, the new nation split into two separate republics.

From 1975 to 1986, Czech writer Karel Hviždala conducted an ongoing clandestine autobiographical interview with Vaclav Havel, who was already an internationally recognized playwright.

Somewhere back there in time . . . I think it was long about ’67 or so, I went to The Who? concert in my hometown. Right in the middle of the event, as they were singing raucously about the existential crisis of growing up in my g-generation, suddenly Pete Townshend’s up there swinging his guitar around like an axe, tearing up amplifiers and microphones and actually wrecking the whole stage.

It felt like a wild dream. Maybe the ’60’s were a dream; I don’t know. …

This analysis makes sense; it rings true in my 70-year old witnessing of our nation's activity around the world.

But for now, lets's just pause, take a deep breath, and be grateful that our newly-elected President got the job done.

I have a family member who was a C17 pilot in this recent airlift project. Those guys did what the commander-in-chief ordered them to do. They completed the mission efficiiently, speedily.

And very suddenly, the American juggernaut is back at square 1. Having just passed Go, we collect 200 dollars and have a new roll of the dice to project…

A world war began in 1939 when Adolf Hitler sent his nazi fascist war machine across the Czech/German border. That firestorm of destructive militarism flamed for six years before Allied armies drove the damn nazis out.

In 1945, the Russian Soviets occupied most of eastern Europe when Allied troops drove the nazis of Germany and the fascists of Italy back into their holes.

That Czech nation where World War II had first erupted was occupied during the wars’ conclusion by the Soviet army. …

About five years ago, Pat and I visited Prague, Czech Republic. Walking around in that historic Bohemian city was a fascinating experience.

In Wenceslaus Square, a tour guide talked glowingly about Vaclav Havel, a pioneer for Czech freedom(1977–89) and later, their first post-Soviet President in 1990. Vaclav Havel had addressed a huge crowd of Czech citizens from a balcony there, in Wenceslaus Square. That crowd-gathering event culminated in the historically peaceful “Velvet Revolution,” which ultimately brought democratic liberation that drove out Soviet communist domination.

Here’s an explanation of how the Czech people peacefully apprehended their nation away from the Soviets…

Carey Rowland

Author and Publisher of 4 novels and 900 blogs, 40-year husband and father, Christian, radical centrist

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