The anniversary date of an historic American tragedy is approaching on our calendar watch.

On May 4, 1970, four students were shot dead at Kent State University while Ohio National Guard soldiers were enforcing the Riot Act.

The students, Allison Beth Krause, 19, Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20, Sandra Lee Scheuer, and William Knox Schroeder, 19, were gunned down in the midst of anti-war demonstration.

In the upcoming remembrance of this tragic event, I post here an excerpt from my 2017 novel, King of Soul.

The excerpt depicted here is lifted from chapter 24, a scene in which protagonist Donnie Evans…

Thanks for your analysis. We'll keep an eye on it.

This seems to be a big project. It has taken a long time, and will still require much time, patience and grace.

For those who believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, there is a promise that we will rise, as He did.

Many other believers have gone before us; they now live eternally with Jesus, the original survivor of death.

In my lifetime, there was one such born-again man whose life and legacy remains steadfastly in my mind: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are few men whose path of bold leadership rises to the heights that brother Martin ascended.

A very long time ago, Moses led his people, the Hebrews, out of Egyptian slavery.

In Dr. King’s study of…

What's amazing is that the Family accomplished their new identity with so little objection from their subjects.

Later, in 1937, George V's grandson, Geoge VI, was coronated May 12, 1937, after his brother had abdicated.

Several years ago, I came across an original May 20 1937 Commemorative issue of the Times of London, chronicling George VI's coronation.

Having bought that paper for $10, I perused it. The contents was so interesting that I began researching the state of the European world at that time. Three years later I published a novel, Smoke, that tells a story about the European clash of Axis fascism against British/French democracy as it was building up tension in 1937.

The Windsors survived all that. Who knows if they'll survive the onslaught of 21st-century tabloid pursuit.

Back in time, springtime, Joe Biden rescued the Democratic party from leftism when when he entered the primaries and was eventually able to enter the mainstream main race for Presidency, between him and the former guy.

In so doing, Joe Biden not only rescued our nation from trumpian quasi-fascist deterioration; he also, as it turns out, rescued the Democrats from their tendency toward self-inflicted leftist excess.

Joe’s reasonably progressive approach to taxation is now being realized in his administration’s policies to confront the problems we now face.

Now the word on the Web is that Joe’s tax proposal will skim…

These alienating difficulties are definitely a big problem for workers in our day and time.

As a retired caprenter, I recommend the construction trades--carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, etc--as a field of endeavor in which a sense of purpose and constructive progress can still be experienced as a motivating factor toward work.

Carey Rowland

Author and Publisher of 4 novels and 900 blogs, 40-year husband and father, Christian, radical centrist

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