Attorney General’s Report on Jan6 riot

~ “In circumstances like those of January 6, a full accounting does not suddenly materialize.”

~ “Investigators methodically collect and sift through more evidence. . .”

~ “The facts tell us where to go next.”

~ “We continue to seek the public’s assistance in identifying those individuals . .”

~ “We will follow the facts wherever they lead.”

~ 725 defendants arrested and charged with crimes

~ 325 defendants charged with felonies

~ 20 guilty pleas for those felonies

~ 40 persons charged with Conspiracy to obstruct a Congressional proceeding

~ 17 defendants scheduled to stand trial for conspiracy roles

“There has been a dramatic increase in legislative enactments that make it harder for millions of eligible voters to vote and to elect representatives of their own choosing.

“ Those enactments range from practices and procedures that make voting more difficult, to redistricting maps drawn to disadvantage voters and citizens of opposing parties, to abnormal post-election audits that put the integrity of the voting process at risk, to changes in voting administration meant to diminish the authority of locally-elected or non-partisan election administrators.

Some have even suggested permitting state legislators to set aside the choice of the voters themselves.As I noted in an address to the Civil Rights division (of the Justice Dep’t) last June, many of those enactments have been justified by unfounded claims of material vote fraud in the 2020 election. Those claims, which have corroded people’s faith in the legitimacy of our elections, have been repeatedly refuted by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of both, the last administration and this one, as well as by every Court — Federal and State — that has considered them.”



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