Because they could not stop for Death

Carey Rowland
1 min readJul 26, 2022


A poem in memory of . . .

US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood

Senior Airwoman Ashli Babbit

Kevin Greeson

Benjamin Philips

Roseanna Boyland

. . . with inspired appreciation for Emily Dickinson:

Although I came not here for Death

He rudely stopped for me

That trumpian trampling took my breath

and gave instead, fatality.

Busting through our Capitol doors!

But I was forced to stumble.

Through death’s unexpected door

I took my fatal tumble.

Rambling toward Rotunda

with wild trumpian intent

But suddenly was I taken under:

a fatal bending ne’er unbent.

In swooning sighs of sudden surprise

there it was unexpectedly

the infamous moment of eternal demise.

Now do I get the great grand prize?

Trundling past our Statuary hosts

the crowd swelled to its fatal fervor.

But I caught glimpse of stony post

where I would take my stand forever.

Since then . . . it’s been a year or more

‘though it seems but a day to me,

since I first caught sight of Capitol doors

Opening to Eternity.

. . . not at all what I expected!

Glass half-Full



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