Gone With the Win

Carey Rowland
2 min readSep 10


The Donald called down to Georgia and he was lookin’ for some votes to find.

But after a while he found himself in a bind

‘cuz the victory he sought was just his imagination.

Instead of votes he caught a bundle of allegations.

Coupl’a years later allegations morphed to litigations.

Litigations spun out indictments

pertaining to Jan6 incitements.

Indictments spun out arraignments,

then the Donald mugshot in confinement

with trumpers caught in conspiring RICO.

Still yet the Donald’s puffing up his ego,

fearing that his Oval will be Gone with the Biden Wind,

the Donald sent down to Georgia some of his political friends

to falsify Elector selections

thus scrambling the presidential election

in his direction.

So the Donald sent down to Georgia

lookin’ for some operatives to wheel and deal

in a RICO to Start-the-Steal.

They were expecting to find

a genteel, agreeable Tara clime,

with peaches prepared by some Aunt Jemima Mammy.

But instead they encountered a DA named Fani!

Now the trump hump is gone with the wind,

gone with the Biden win

never to be trumped-up again

as Georgians emphasize

in their Rhett Butler disguise:

Frankly my dear donald we don’t give a dam!

even as the MakeAngryGangsAttackers still scam

to regurgitate their zombie prez

still yet doing whatever donald sez.

But down here in the DeepSouth, y’all,

we conscientious objectors still say,

as Miss Scarlett did on that long-ago day:

“Tomorrow is another day!”

and “Donald, would you please just go away!”

Glass half-Full



Carey Rowland

Author and Publisher of 4 novels: Glass half-Full, Glass Chimera, Smoke, King of Soul; 1200+ blogs, musician, songwriter, poet, 43-year husband and father.