Gun Power Done Done

Carey Rowland
2 min readJun 10, 2024


Time turned topsy turvy

before anything could be done

Fate foisted foolishness

before anybody could run.

History wrote a story

with the firing of that gun.

Royals lost their grip

With Sarajevo stun

Krauts launched at Marne

Reason then undone.

Euros lost their Reason

with the firing of that gun.

Four years in trench

beneath the fury of the gun.

Stuck in Flanders mud

Nothing could be done.

’Til armistice stumbled in

Wnen guns were undone.

Then all is well for awhile

Till hell again did come

Through upstart corporal ire

And peace again undone

Cuz devil went down to Guernica

Looking for luftwaffe fun

Drag’d whole damn world

Again by tyranny of the gun.

‘Cuz bombs are just a glorified

Flinging of the airborne gun

To mangle a fragile peace

the peace of Versailles undone.

Reich demons running wild

hoisting death ton by ton

to obliterate a Euro peace

once again undone.

But in that second war

with holocaustal gun

zyclon be in noxious death

People of the Book to be undone

Every demon born in hell

with the power of the gun

Until yanks crossed the Rhine

To rip that reich undone

with eastern fire from Ruskie Joe

But if Joe had that far come

He shooda learned

From what Ike and Bulldog had done

Yeah uncle Joe shoulda known

that power of fist and hammer and gun

as Ike and Harry had spoken

that tyranny of terror, fist and gun

even tyranny of stalag/gulag

must some day be undone!

Later, after PT 109 time

Jack spoke in Berlin, let the world come

“Let them come to Berlin”

See what the Ruskies had done

Meanwhile back at the Ranch

Cowboy called for wall to be undone

But it didn’t happen until Gorbachev

with Glastnov thaw did come.

Now I don’t know I been told

shit that’s done can be undone

and in heaven streets are gold

Yeah, son, this world will be undone.

When the One who conquered death

When He again do come!

After death is dead

And the power of the gun

What’s done is done.

And I told him that.

Glass half-Full



Carey Rowland

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