What Americans need to understand about our withdrawal from Afghanistan is that there never was any easy way out.

Two Presidents ahead of him decided not to take the risk — not to take the political hit of withdrawing our troops.

Joe decided it had to be done; he decided to take the risk.

Now he’s taking the political hit.

There never was any easy way out.

President Biden’s decision is an act of courage.

And our guys and gals over there are on a mission that had to be undertaken.

The Russians and the Brits preceded us in trying to get that country fixed.

We need to shore up our own defenses on the home front to prevent another 9/11.

Those American citizens who support the President’s decision ought to be glad that he does not have a Watergate noose around his Presidential neck, as Nixon had in his post-Vietnam withdrawal in 1973.

The trauma of Vietnam and Watergate was too much for this nation to take, so we allowed our Congress and Court to boot Nixon out.

But Joe does not have a watergate skeleton in his closet; so we need to get behind him, supporting him and our troops and our diplomats who are desperately working to rectify the tragic path of this foreign venture.

God bless America, land that we love!

Glass half-Full

Author and Publisher of 4 novels and 900 blogs, 40-year husband and father, Christian, radical centrist