Mitt Making Sense

Carey Rowland
3 min readJun 2, 2024


Mitt Romney is a highly experienced leader in our United States. As a senator, he ran against President Obama in 2012, and lost.

That’s okay. America needed Obama in that season of our nation’s development.

Since that time, Mitt has been in the background, generally out of the fray.

But just a day or two ago, the former senator stepped out of the shadows and made a statement about the guilty verdict decided by a jury of twelve citizens in a court of Law. Speaking of New York City Attorney General Alvin Bragg, Mitt Romney said:

“Bragg should have settled the case against trump, as would have been the normal procedure. But he made a political decision. Bragg may have won the battle, for now, but he may have lost the political war. . . Democrats think they can put out the trump with oxygen. It’s political malpractice.”

I am sure that the millions of Americans who despise trump, such as I am, are probably disappointed in Mitt with his statement about the New York conviction and Alvin Bragg’s prosecution.”

But there is something very happening important here. You wanna hear what it is?

Mitt Romney would be a very good president for us in 2025.

As a politician, he is smart enough to see that his Grand Ole Party will be in confusion at the convention. There are many Republicans, many Republicans, who understand that another trump presidency would mean disaster for this country. We must never elect a self-obsessed powermonger who speaks hitlerian rhetoric after attempting to steal an election with his lying tongue.

The grifter from New York has been running his mouth about immigrants. Who are these people?

Beyond the ancient occupants of this continent — Native Americans — we are all — almost all — of us, the descendents of immigrants.

The trump accusation that contemporary immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country” is third reich hatred, spoken to conjure up violent dissension among the magas who now stand back and stand by waiting for their fuehrer to burn down the reichstag, or, as the present case is — to destroy the US Constitution.

When the Republicans gather in Milwaukee — and I am still a registered Republican, although I will not be there — when they convene to nominate a presidential candidate . . . and discover that their primaries-winner is not electable by the American people because of his criminal record and his immoral behavior . . . those GOPpers will have to find an admirable leader to nominate. Will it be Nikki? Ron? Chris? Vivek?

Maybe. But hey! Wake up, Republicans! This is no time for nominating someone who just collected the second-most votes. This nation needs an experienced leader who has morals.

In their hour of confusion, the party of Lincoln should turn to Mitt. He is signaling to the trumpians that he understands fully what is happening to our nation and he is willing to step in and act correctively — and reasonably — to bring this nation back to its Constitutional, law-abiding roots. He is willing to work toward guiding us back to the nation that Lincoln delivered from slavery.

In pointing out that Alvin Bragg had a political motive, Mitt Romney is himself acting with political motive. And that’s okay. They all do it. He is signaling to his people that he is willing to come down from the mountaintop of isolation and deliver them from their present fascist peril.

The Republican party NEEDS a leader with experience, morality, a decent reputation and the political awareness to realize that this could be his destiny. . . instead of watching this nation maybe fall into fascism following the hateful, spiteful, revengeful tongue of trump.

All ye Republicans, of which I am one. . . listen to Mitt. He knows what he’s talking about. Mitt Romney for President!



Carey Rowland

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