Our Vast Plastic Trash

These men are angels, doing the dirty work that we should all be doing.

We hear so much nowadays about climate change, carbon emissions and global warming. These problems are global in scale and should be remedied by laws and through public education.

But what about this plastic and throwaway trash that would actually be easier to properly dispose, if laws were passed accordingly, and we Americans could collectively begin solving theproblem by passing laws to control disposal, placing the responsibility squarely on each citizen, and . . .

building new industries to convert these supposedly neutral substances, which are actually lethal to our wildlife and ecosystem. . . converting them to useful products such as lawn furniture, parking lot bumpers, street signs and God-only-knows what else.

And speaking of God, let us proclaim God bless America, but even more importantly that that blessing is this entreaty:

God help us clean up the mess we have made and are still making every day, until we finally acquire the commonsense to quit trashing our planetary home.

And God bless Trey Dennis and Dave Rivers!



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