The Battle of Rusty v Rudy

Carey Rowland
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

This event should go down in our American History books:

Immediately after the 2020 election, as the votes were being counted nationwide, Rudy Giuliani and donald trump were on the phone trying to persuade Rusty Bower (the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives), to break the law. They were trying to persuade him to throw out the legally elected Electors — Democrats for Joe Biden — and put in trump’s electors.

They were asking Speaker Rusty Bowers to manipulate the legislature to circumvent the process by which legitimate electors would be determined.

But Rusty wanted proof that what they were asking him to do was legal.

They were “twisting his arm” to break the Law. Here’s how it happened: Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis went to Arizona. When they were sitting, face to face, across a table from Arizona Speaker Rusty Bowers; he asked them,

“Did you bring me proof?”

Rudy said, “What?”

Rudy reminded them: “I said, ‘Do you remember our phone call when you said you were going to bring me the proof?

And Rudy said “Oh yeah.”

Rusty persisted. He asked again, ‘Did you bring it?’ He turned to Jenna Ellis, and asked her, ‘Do you have the proof?’

And she said ‘yeah.’

“Well, can we see it?’

She leans over and fumbles through her briefcase and says, “Oh no, I don’t have it here — must be at the hotel room.”

Later, much later, when Speaker Rusty was testifying to the US House January6 Committee, he testified, “For them to say to me, ‘Yeah, we just want you to throw out them electors and put in trump’s, I’m thinking, ‘Have I gone to another planet?. . . What? I’m not going to do that. I mean, I wanted him (trump) to win, okay, so what? . . . I’m not gonna cheat; I’m not gonna cheat to win. . . You’re asking me to break my oath. I’m not gonna break it, period.”

But Rudy had admitted earlier, on the phone to Rusty, “. . . we have a lot of theories. We just don’t have the evidence.”

In that strange time of trump’s desperate evidence-mongering, the conspirators, now being tried in a Court of Law in Georgia, were indeed operating as if they were on another planet, the planet of MAGA.

But hey! this is the planet of USA. We have a Constitution that, when properly applied, assures us JUSTICE, not MAGA manipilation.

We are thankful for Rusty Bower, Speaker of the Arizona House, and thankful for many others like him, i.e Brad Raffensperger, and many others who stood for Truth, Justice, and the American way of Elections, which is found in our Constitution, not in the manipulations of MAGA maggots who wriggle desperately to worm their way through our Rule of Law!

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