The Double Curse

Carey Rowland
3 min readJan 25, 2024

We Americans are now enduring civil warfare from the Left and from the Right.

The curse from the Right is obvious; it is the curse of trump and it is extremely dangerous. The last time we had a curse this destructive was during the Civil War.

The curse from the Left was discreet until it came out of the closet.

Here’s how that happened:

We all have two legs. We all have, between those legs, sexual organs that we are born with. Every human being has the right to decide how s/he wants to make use of their birthed organs; and every person has the right to form a personal identity and lifestyle around their sexual preferences.

Our original doctrine of personal identity is found in our Declaration of Independence, which declares that we all have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I think we can all agree that each person’s pursuit of happiness encompasses their choices about sexual behaviour and identity.

As sexual organs are (along with their reproductive functions) also organs of pleasure, we find a vast array of lifestyles associated with these physical features.

The very large problem that has arisen in modern times is this: the raising of children (and therefore the gradual formation of their sexual identity) during school-years is the sole responsibility of their parents, not the school, not the teachers in the school.

Why is this?

Because when you are tampering with sex, you are messing with the very essence of human identity. This is not a matter for public indoctrination. This is directly connected to our Constitutional, 1st Amendment Right, Freedom of Religion. Children are, until their age of adulthood, subject to the Religion of their parents, not the religion of the school, school board, nor the teachers.

The curse of the Left, mentioned above, is this: Democrats and Liberals wanted to extend public education beyond the issues of human rights and civil rights. Sexual identity issues have no place in public schools.

As the old song says. . . Don’t play with me, cuz you’re playing with the fire. Playing with childhood sexual identities is playing with fire.

And if that were not volatile enough, the Liberals (for lack of any other descriptor) chose to vastly confuse the issue by cramming it into the Race issue. They did this by tacking the “woke” tag onto the sex issues.

It is true that white folks have needed to make some changes in their personal attitudes and in their public institutions. They needed to wake up to the fact of equality between races. This troublesome issue was inherent in the historical tragedy of slavery. Slavery is closely connected to the curse of the Right, because rich white people used it to abuse black folks for centuries before we managed to, societally, put an end to that oppression.

The curse of the Right is this: donald trump and his violent minions took advantage of the “woke” confusion to mount an insurrection.

And now we are having a cultural war — maybe even a civil war. It began on January 6, 2021 because trump dog-whistled the already-mad-as-hell conservatives and the Republicans and the magamaniacs to dump all their discontent on the steps, the halls, the chambers and the public servants in our Capitol.

The dictator wannabee detected all that rage and rounded it up for his own use. This is exactly the way hitler, mussollini and other tyrants have built their mobs in years past.

And we must not let donald trump get away with it. Vote for Nikki Haley. . . or if that doesn’t work for you, vote for our President, Joe Biden, even if he is an old geezer.

The orange freak is also an old geezer, but he is a self-obsessed, rotten-to-the-core one who will rip this nation to shreds if we allow him back into the oval.

Do not take a chance on the curse of the Right: donald trump.

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