The Pieces v the Magac

Carey Rowland
3 min readJan 17, 2024

In this day and time, I am observing a massive confrontation between two vast segments of American politics. I have noticed several characteristics of this escalating political civil war. It is a political/cultural war betweeen the pieceniks and the magacians.

1. The people who read. . . the Dems, the academics, journalists, lefties, progressives — they stand mostly united in our desperate efforts to ensure that donald trump never occupies the Oval again.

Here is one communication tool that the pieceniks like to use : the “piece.”

Formerly known as an essay, or editorial, or written opinion, or news report, this word, “piece” is a meaningful term among the anti-trumpers. It is understood to be a written essay, probably published in the Times or the Post or the New Yorker, Atlantic, or some blogging platform online that is read daily by lefty eggheads, academics, deep-staters, Democrats, journalists, columnists or any citizens who oppose trump.

2.On the other side, the people who love trump, the magas, the used-to-be Republicans, the rebels and insurrectionists who are willing to destroy public institutions and ignore the Justice system so trump can return to his bully pulpit — they stand mostly united in their determination to outfox the lefty piecenicks.

The trumpians have conjured up a spirit of rebellion that summons a special kind of “magac.” This accursing power is their main weapon against the academic, erudite drivel of the left. Maga magac is not generally cast in written form; it’s mainly noticed as whatever detritus was left in our Capitol, or on the Capitol grounds, after January 6, 2021. Since that insurrection, the magacians have expanded their curses, empowering the fox to raid the henhouse. Now they’re cracking the eggheads, scaring hell out of the chickens and generally taking command of ole GOPpy caucuses and the three-ring circus of American politics, while poo-pooing what used to be political discourse and what used to be called Rule of Law and the Constitution.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence. . . the Dems, the academics, journalists, lefties and progressives post their pieces in publications and discuss them politely as the foxes busy themselves raiding the henhouse while casting their magac spells far and wide.

The trump-instigated magacal event that conjured up Jan6 insurrection was a spell cast by donald himself when he summoned the spirits of rebellion to begin dismantling our Democracy so that the magacians could replace Constitutional procedures with a dictatorship that trump has planned for his first day of having, once again, dinner in the oval while watching our American democracy being torn apart.

But hey, if the magacians do manage to get trumpty-dumpty hoisted up onto the wall of obstruction again, they will surely discover that he is unable to put all the pieces of American peace and prosperity back together again and we’ll have a giant clusterfud on our hands as the sh** hits the fan.

There’s my piece and I’m stickin’ to it! Glass half-Full



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