This analysis makes sense; it rings true in my 70-year old witnessing of our nation's activity around the world.

But for now, lets's just pause, take a deep breath, and be grateful that our newly-elected President got the job done.

I have a family member who was a C17 pilot in this recent airlift project. Those guys did what the commander-in-chief ordered them to do. They completed the mission efficiiently, speedily.

And very suddenly, the American juggernaut is back at square 1. Having just passed Go, we collect 200 dollars and have a new roll of the dice to project American foreign policy and resources in a new direction.

Mayb even a more humanitarian one!

Joe Biden has been in the US .gov since he was elected to Congress in '72.

Joe knows the system; he knew what needed to be done, and he did it. Now he's taking the critical hit, because a mission this enormous could not have been completed without some losses.

As a republican who voted for Joe, all I can say is:

Bravo! What's our next great American project?

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