Who Was in Charge?

Carey Rowland
3 min readSep 2, 2023

The attempted disruption of our Electoral process on Jan6 has propelled our nation into confusion.

From the beginning, all kinds of Americans began pointing fingers of accusation, a phenomenon which is now, 2 1/2 iyears later, generating indictments and multiple trials. Through our Justice systems — federal, state and local — will begin, attempting to determine what happened on Jan6, how did it happen, and who made it happen.

As we couch potato citizens survey the wide array of talking heads, media journalists, podcasters, writers, videographers and any other tom, dick or harriet who is able to get a word or image in edge-wise. . .

We need to keep in mind that so many of us Americans are trying to comprehend just what the hell happened on Jan6?, who made it happen? and what needs to happen next to restore peace, prosperity, rule of law, accountability and Justice.

I, for one, have appreciated that our US House of Representatives appointed an investigative Jan6 committee to begin answering those questions for the American people

Now, two and a half years later, we are seeing a multitude of sources, online and in legacy news-reporting corporations.

Also now, the incredible array of information being generated is overwhelming. The so-called Mainstream Media are being challenged in a big way; they’re facing an unprecedented tidal wave of alt-Right, alt-Left, alt-shock’n’awe, alt-sensational reporting, all of which is absolutely relevant, easily accessible, free or subscriptive and viewable at our fingertips.

Here’s just one interesting source that I discovered today: some guy on You-tube, Brian Smith, interviewing another guy, Steve Baker about Jan6.


Steve had taken a massive footage of video there at our Capitol on that fateful day, January 6, 2021; he has some observations that are worth hearing.

This conversation between Brian and Steve is just one of thousands, but is probably worth your time. Their emerging consensus is that there was a lot more going on there than meets the eye.

Well, duh?! Y’think?

But seriously, their main talking point suggests that the Jan6 riot — or whatever you call it — I call it an insurrection — was “allowed” to happen, and that a lot of well-informed people in Washington already knew about it, or something like that. This may a re-hashing of the old blameshifter go-to accusation that antifa (whatever that is) did it. Or maybe fairy godmother, or the grinch, or the wicked witch of the west or the wizard behind the curtain. Somebody send Toto in!

But seriously, y’all, here’s my main thought as my viewing of their discussion was concluding: So if there were higher-ups people. . . in Washington, and in .gov, our Capitol Police, our Congress, Nancy Pelosi blahblahblah. . . Rush Limbaugh. . . our Executive branch. . . who knew, in advance, that the shit was about to hit the fan. . . who had authority to make or not-make things happen?

Think about it this way: January comes before March. Vote-counting comes before inauguration.

Who was in charge of our US government on that January day? Who was in charge of our Justice Department on that day? Our FBI, our CIA, our classified docs, our national guard, our military, our nukes? Who had authority to make or not-make things happen? Who could issue the ultimate commands to our military and to our police on that day, January 6 2021 ? Who is responsible here?

Who was in charge?

duh. . . donald trump. It happened on his watch.

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