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Carey Rowland
2 min readSep 10, 2022


This morning I was tapping the laptop while sitting on an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. While reading Helen Thompson’s article in Unherd, I pondered her message about Queen Elizabeth’s humble way of performing her duties, setting an attitude example for any responsible citizen of this world.

I wrote a response to Helen’s message. Then I decided to just share it with you here:

‘T’is not often, in history, that humility is found in a reigning monarch. But Elizabeth’s humility shone forth in her official functions.
The woman knew her place: demonstrating–even from her precipice of power– humility and grace in every act she publicly performed.
Even mean Mr. Mustard would venture out to catch a glimpse of her. Would that he now finds respect enough for Charles. . . to hazard, every now and then, a public show of support for the one man who is appointed by faith, destiny and a withering empire, to somehow display that mantle of humility.
And yet, we can discern that King Charles does definitely have a plan–a set of cherished values–for transitioning Britain and the world into a community that accepts, humbly but wisely, responsibility for–as Moses wrote– our “subduing” the earth. That’s a phrase which is, as we speak, being re-defined in a new world of “greening”.

This global community is now struggling to repent of its rapacity, and take appropriate responsibility for our impact on the natural world.

Per chance, per Providence, Charles will succeed in his quest to become a responsible–not merely royal–citizen of this troubled world. Perhaps he will get by, in this prospect, with a little help from his friends. Perhaps he will ascend to handling, responsibly, the mantle and the sceptre for inspiring world citizens to take proper care of a world on which the sun never sets.
God save the King!

Here’s a pic of King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, Charles’ grandfather.

King George VI

His coronation in 1937 prompted the beginning of my third novel, Smoke, which is a story about a young American businessman who travels through England and France, in 1937, to a place called Flanders Field.




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